PMC STUDIOS provides our business to business clients with professional motion picture, television and live event support. We supply rental equipment from 34ft. grip & electric trailers to camera packages. We also represent skilled DP's, gaffers, camera operators, sound technicians, grips and electricians

PMC STUDIOS provides our television and multimedia customers with production services from concept to completion. We have a staff writer/producer, director, DP, sound department, designer and editor.


Our Services

  • > Motion Picture Support Services
    > Video and Audio Production
  • > Multimedia Production
  • > Live Multi Camera Coverage
  • > Event Lighting for Television
  • > Product Photography
  • > Portrait Photography
  • > Event Photography
  • > Service Bureau
  • > Freelance Services
  • > Concept to Completion
  • > Remote Multi track Recording
  • > Award Winning Staff
  • > Skilled Technicians
  • > Equipment Rental



Our Profile

We are committed to providing our clients with impactful yet cost effective communications. Whether you need a new product video, TV commercial, interactive CD, location or studio photography, web content or custom PowerPoint presentations we have skilled staff who can help get your message to your customers.

Contact us today and let us help you communicate your message effectively.